Sirikit shows us her Biarritz – gourmet and sporty

At just 24 years old, Sirikit Harivongs has opened a coffee shop in Biarritz. When she's not serving her famous yogurts and pastries, she enjoys the best sites of her hometown. Want to know where to surf, the best restaurants and where to admire the sunset? Sirikit shares her favourite places.

Super for swimming

I like to go to the beach of Port-Vieux, also called Les Ours Blanc (the white bears). It’s a pretty stretch of sand in the city centre that’s sheltered from the waves. It’s also perfect for snorkelling on the seabed.

Great dishes at La Crique

If you’re going out for dinner in Biarritz, I recommend La Crique. It’s a new place, at the top of rue Gambetta, run by friends of mine. It’s cosy with a vintage touch inspired by the ocean. The owners built everything themselves which gives a lovely distinctive touch to the place. They have very good products such as mussels with chorizo and lobster roll – really delicious. There’s also a great cocktail menu and a terrific atmosphere.
La Crique (External link) (Facebook)

Where to enjoy the sunset

Head to Olatua, a bar nestled above the Musée de la Mer, the aquarium of Biarritz, where you’ll have a panoramic view of the ocean and the Rocher de la Vierge, a famous rock in the sea, topped by a statue of the Virgin Mary. There’s loads of space for children to run about while their parents enjoy a plate of Basque tapas as the sun sets.
Olatua Biarritz (External link) (Facebook)

Surfers' corner

The Basques coastline is perfect for longboards and beginners. The more adventurous may prefer Marbella.

Music and wine bar

I recommend Le Classique, a bar that is right next to les halles, the market. The lads who run it are charming and have great taste in music, they only play vinyl! You could also try Artnoa, a wine bar that belongs to friends of mine. It’s refined but casual at the same time. It’s cosy and welcoming and the team are great at guiding customers about the wines they have.
Le Classique (External link) (Facebook)
L’Artnoa (External link) (French only)

Where to take a stroll at dusk

From the side of the lighthouse you will have the most beautiful view of Biarritz’s beaches and the town of Anglet, twinkling on the other side.

Where to quench your passion for interior design

OCTO offers chic and original decoration! There’s a varied selection and something to suit every budget. Plus, the owners are delightful and always happy to give good advice.
OCTO Biarritz (External link) (Instagram)

Where to go for a great, but quick lunch

Come to the Frozen Palm, of course! For lunch, I propose a healthy and vegetarian menu, prepared with fresh raw products. In summer, my clients come to the Frozen Palm to cool off with a frozen yoghurt and, in winter, to warm up around a hot drink and a tasty pastry.
Frozen Palm (External link) (Facebook)

Yoga among the surf boards

I encourage everyone to try out a yoga session of Panya Yoga at Shaper House. My sister who’s a teacher there takes some of the classes. Trained in yoga therapy, she knows how to adapt the practice for everyone to make sure that it’s suitable everyone, no matter how new they are to yoga, and whatever their age. As for Shaper House, it's a very special place: you can learn how to make your own surfboard here. Practicing yoga in this place, in the middle of surfing equipment and with the smell of resin on the air (I love it), is an experience you’ll always remember!
Shaper House (External link)
Panya Yoga (External link) (French only)

A star restaurant for two

If you’re looking for a beautiful romantic restaurant, I highly recommend Gaztelur in Arcangues, about 12 kilometres from Biarritz. The location is beautiful day and night. It's also a wonderful place to hold weddings, anniversaries, birthdays – any form of celebration. It’s really popular so remember to book in advance!
Gaztelur (External link) (French only)

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