Top 5 Family-Friendly Ski Stations

There's nothing better than skiing with your family! To make sure your trip goes smoothly, it's best to go to a station geared for the task - those with the "Familles Plus Montagne" label. They guarantee families a quality stay - enjoy skiing all together, or take advantage of the more advanced slopes while the little ones are being supervised at the station's child-friendly activities.

1. Les Ménuires (Savoie)

Skiing as a family isn't only reserved for small stations! Les Ménuires in the famous Domaines des Trois Vallées is proof, having been elected Best Family Station in 2015. They've thought of everything for families, from daycare (starting at three months old!) to ski courses. Little ones can learn to slide at the Club des Piou-Piou, totally secure and supervised, with specially-designed mechanical lifts. Meanwhile, parents and teens alike can enjoy a calm skiing experience in one of the most beautiful alpine regions.

2. Le Grand-Bornand (Haute-Savoie)

Another great station that knows how to welcome families. For beginners, a brand new space has been created on the Plateau du Rosay, the heart of the Grand-Bornand. Up there, 3.7 acres of easy snow awaits, as longest moving walkway in the world - 660 feet long! Perfect for learning how to ski as a family. There's also plenty of fun to be had for those who prefer sledding on a 8,530 sq. ft. special piste.

3. Villard de Lans-Corrençon (Isère)

Villard de Lans et Corrençon, two close-knit ski stations with charmingly authentic mountain villages. Ideal for families in search of a little tranquility, with a gorgeous wooden interior from the Vercors mountains. Go from one station from the next over an easy piste bordered with snowcapped fir trees.

4. Orcières Merlette 1850 (Haute-Alpes)

This station is a long-standing resort for kids. It was here that the first "jardin des neiges" (snow garden) came to life in 1967. You can find a Piou-Piou garden (for children between 3-6 years old), as well as a play area for the very littlest ones (between 2 1/2 and 3 years). We can't forget to mention Opoualand, a fantastic piste with snow caves and catapaults. The station itself offers guests the ability to visit even when school is in session, thanks to its "Cartable à la Neige" (Schoolbag in the Snow) program. Children can continue attending classes, even while enjoying the slopes (from Grades 1-5)! Other fun activities include: sledding for babies, "fatbiking" (mountain bikes with thick tires to ride through the snow), going for a ride in a snow grooming machine ou with ski patrols (free, by lottery).

5. La Rosière-en-Savoie (Savoie)

At the Club des Galopins, children between 3-13 years old (as well as a "baby club" 18 months and up) can learn all the fun of sledding, while grown-ups enjoy the slopes. Teenagers can meet up at the Junior Academy to learn about freestyle and freeriding!

The "Familles Plus Montagne" Label

All these stations are officially labeled as "Familles Plug Montagne," which guarantees a personalized welcome for families, facilities and prices adapted for all ages, activities that can either be done all together or separately, and nearby businesses.