Discovering the tourist route of Jura wines !

Published on June 13, 2012
  • © CDT Jura - Stéphane Godin

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  • © CDT Jura - Stéphane Godin

  • © CDT Jura - Stéphane Godin

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Discovering the tourist route of Jura wines ! 39 Lons le Saunier fr

Lons le Saunier

Capital of the Jura and queen of paradoxes, the ancient city of the Orange princes keeps a good watch over its valuable heritage whilst playing the card of relaxation and good living. It has even made a priority of it with many dedicated areas: the Valvital spa, recreation area 1055 or the games centre Aqua'Rel, etc. A walk through town will have you discover its rich history of tradition of trade and tourism. It is also a city that has seen many personalities, including Rouget de Lisle made famous by the "Marseillaise" and Paul Emile Victor, the great explorer of the twentieth century.


Perched atop a cliff, Chateau Chalon gives unobstructed views of the vineyards not to be missed. It is also a great place for Jura wine history, since the city gave its name to one of the most famous fine wines of the Jura.

Baume les Messieurs

There are many treasures in Baume les Messieurs. First of all, its position - nestled in a beautiful valley surrounded by steep cliffs, the city offers the visitor an unforgettable impression. Nature is everywhere and will enchant you through a visit to the tufs waterfalls, among the finest in Europe and the caves for a journey to the centre of the earth. But the visit would not be complete without going to of the imperial Abbey.


This is the Capital of the Jura wines and Pasteur country. You won’t have been surprised for the last time with this city that encourages strolls and lots of goodies, as it is classified as "the remarkable place of taste". A charming place to be discovered on foot by visiting the family home of Louis Pasteur and the Vine and Wine Museum.

Salins les Bains

An exceptional location, a thermal resort famous for its naturally salty waters or a Unesco listed World Heritage Site (the Grande Saline) are the riches of this small quaint town of Salins les Bains.  The Grand Saline and salt museum, will get you to relive 1,000 years of history of salt and its mining in Franche Comté, then by strolling through the streets of the town, you will discover a rich cultural heritage, testimony of a glorious past.