Rendez-vous at The Balata Botanical Gardens Martinique

  • The Balata Botanical Gardens, Martinique

    The Balata Botanical Gardens, Martinique

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Rendez-vous at The Balata Botanical Gardens Martinique 97234 Fort de France mq

Once upon a time in The Balata Botanical Gardens...

In 1982 expert botanist Jean-Philippe Thoze brought new life to the estate he lived on as a child - the Balata Botanical Gardens, Martinique. Experience this magical transformation and encounter 3000 tropical species while walking on a spectacular canopy path up high in the trees.

Experience the exotic

Inspired by his journeys around the world, Jean-Philippe Thoze created epic floral works of art made out of hibiscus, bamboo and other bromeliad flora. The botanist in you will certainly love spotting the array of plants while the hummingbirds hover merrily around!

High up

Follow the amazing canopy path in the tree-tops, where you can enjoy a stunning view of the Fort-de-France Bay and admire the beautiful white-water lilies and porcelain roses, a perfect setting for a romantic holiday...

Experience creole life

You're warmly invited to a typical family home. Admire the decor - from the magnificent awning underlined with drapery as well as the other beautiful indoor features. Finally, buy a few post cards from the boutique to remind you of your time in this beautiful, unique garden.


Balata Botanical Gardens
10 minutes from Fort-de-France
97234 Fort de France

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