Rendez-vous at the Château de Chantilly

  • Château de Chantilly

    Château de Chantilly

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  • Château de Chantilly, Gardens

    Château de Chantilly, Gardens

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  • Château de Chantilly

    Château de Chantilly

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Rendez-vous at the Château de Chantilly 60500 CHANTILLY fr

Less than an hour away from Paris by car, discover the majestic estate that is the Château de Chantilly, its two museums and elegant gardens.

An estate an arm’s length away from Paris

Close to the capital of France, the Château de Chantilly is part of an extremely grand 19000 acre estate right in the centre of a large forest.

Outside, wander around the many parks and gardens. Discover the flowerbeds in the jardin à la française (French formal garden) by Le Nôtre (17th Century), and equally those of the Anglo-Chinese garden (18th Century) and the English garden (19th Century).

The Musée Condé: the highlight of Château de Chantilly

The collections of old paintings in the Château de Chantilly feature among the most important in France. They belonged to the Duke of Aumale (Henri d’Orléans) before being given to the Institut de France, along with the Château, in 1886.

Discover works here that you won’t find anywhere else, as the collections never leave the Chantilly estate. Admire them at quarterly exhibitions where otherwise they are preserved for the rest of the year.

Therefore, find at the Condé Museum around 800 paintings of French and Italian masters, including some works from Delacroix, Botticelli, Poussin and Raphaël.  

The Condé Museum also houses a library of 1500 manuscripts, print collections and sculptures as well as several princely apartments.

The Grand Stables: Equestrian Museum and Shows

Visit the Horse Museum at the Grand Stables and discover its 200 objects and works of art from the equestrian world, beautifully constructed with 18th Century architecture. In addition, enjoy a horse show presented by the trainers and riders at the museum.


Château de Chantilly
7 rue du Connétable
60500 Chantilly

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