Youth hostels and holiday centres

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Youth hostels and holiday centres

In a youth hostel...

The 160 youth hostels in France provide comfortable and friendly accommodation at guaranteed low prices. You need to be a member (get a membership card from your national association before you leave). You’ll find the address on the International Federation of Youth Hostels website. This card also entitles you to lots of reductions.

Youth hostels provide accommodation that combines low prices, comfort and a pleasant atmosphere. They are open exclusively to members - membership cards can be bought before you leave from your national youth hostel association. As well as basic accommodation - one night without breakfast costs between 12.30 € and 12.10 €; with breakfast from 13.50 € - the Youth Hostels federation (FUAJ, affiliated to the Hostelling Inter-national network) provides a wide range of outdoor activities.

Youth hostels

In holiday centres...

As a general rule, these provide more than just accommodation and often organise study or tourist packages (examples are the Centre International de Séjour de Paris).
Ethic Etapes is a network which offers a wide choice of services at a range of prices, depending on centres and the number of beds in each room. The B.V.J. youth travel service offers accommodation in Paris.
Some, such as the FIAP Jean Monnet, the CISP, the CIARUS at Strasbourg or  AJA - Agence de Tourisme Associatif for Alsace, offer a whole range of cultural activities - exhibitions, seminars or concerts - as well as accommodation. What's more, some universities rent accomodation to visiting students.