Well-being: more than anywhere, on the coast…

  • Dax: an important SPA town

    © ATOUT FRANCE/Pascal Gréboval

    Dax: an important SPA town

    © ATOUT FRANCE/Pascal Gréboval

  • Well-being: SPA

    © ATOUT FRANCE/Cédric Helsly

    Well-being: SPA

    © ATOUT FRANCE/Cédric Helsly

Well-being: more than anywhere, on the coast… Dax fr

Are you looking for well-being?  French coastal thalassotherapy centres can give it to you! Whether you have backache, rheumatism, or you’re looking for a beauty treatment or cure for fatigue, our country can treat all your ills! Being in good shape all year round isn’t impossible any more!
Without a hint of chauvinism, we can say that France is THE well-being specialist, because it was our country that invented the seaside rest cure.  Today there are more than 50 seawater therapy centres on the French coast.  Go and discover them!


Channel and North Sea: sport above all

The greatest asset of Northern well-being specialists is their proximity to Paris.  Highly prized by hydrotherapy patients who don’t want to travel a long way, this coastline is also known for its invigorating activities to energise the muscles: strong bracing winds that sweep the beaches await you for sand yachting, kite-surfing and windsurfing, but also walking in the sand dunes.  As for seawater therapy, several Northern towns are well-known for their centres: Malo-les-bains, Dunkirk, Deauville, Le Touquet, Ouistreham…

Office de tourisme du Touquet (Le Touquet Tourist Office)
Place de l’Hermitage
62520 Le Touquet Paris Plage
Tel: 0033 321 06 72 00


Brittany, north coast: vigour comes first

Thalassotherapy pioneer in France, Brittany quickly became established as the “wellness” reference destination.  On the northern coasts, the bracing Channel climate offers stimulating walks to make you dynamic and energetic.  A number of centres are specialised in seawater cures: Saint-Malo, Perros-Guirec, Dinard, Roscoff, Lamballe, Erquy…

Office de Tourisme de Perros-Guirec (Perros-Guirec Tourist Office)
21 place de l'hôtel de ville
22700 Perros-Guirec
Tel: 0033 296 23 21 15

Brittany, south coast: find peace of mind there

The seawater therapy centres of southern Brittany are recognised for their frequently-mild climate, which offers long regenerating walks in the region’s unspoilt countryside.  What’s more it was for this climate that champion cyclist Louison Bobet opened the world’s first thalassotherapy centre there in 1964, at Quiberon.  Since then, other centres have opened around the Gulf of Morbihan: Concarneau, Carnac, La Trinité-sur-mer, Port Crouesty, Bénodet, Saint Gildas de Rhuys…

Office de Tourisme de Bénodet (Bénodet Tourist Office)
29 avenue de la Mer
29950 Bénodet
Tel: 0033 298 57 00 14


Atlantic coast: unique treatments

A well-known region for the quality of care provided by many thalassotherapy institutes, the Aquitaine coast has for some time also offered a unique treatment that you really must discover: vinotherapy.  In this world-renowned vineyard, savour well-being derived from the vine and the grape!

Comité du Tourisme de Gironde (Gironde Tourist Board)
21 cours de l’Intendance
33000 Bordeaux
Tel: 0033 556 52 61 40


Mediterranean: the sun to accompany you

In the Mediterranean, seawater therapy centres are certainly relied on for sunshine and soft sandy beaches.  There is no shortage of centres to attract tourists looking for Côte d’Azur well-being: Nice, Fréjus, Antibes, Port Barcarès, Bandol, Saintes-Maries de la Mer, Sainte Maxime…  The Corsican centres are also very attractive because they are the sunniest in France: Porticcio is the best known and the most highly prized.

Office de Tourisme de Sainte Maxime (Sainte Maxime Tourist Office)
1 promenade Simon-Lorière
83120 Sainte-Maxime Cedex
Tel: 0033 494 55 75 55



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