Tourist information sources for during your stay

  • Nancy Tourist Office

    Nancy Tourist Office

    © Atout France / Michel Laurent / CRT Lorraine

  • Hotel reception desk

    Hotel reception desk

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Tourist information sources for during your stay 75 Paris fr


The hotel in which you’re staying is the first port of call for tourist information. Don’t hesitate in asking at reception for activities or tours that you can do in the local area. The receptionists and concierge will be able to give you advice and information personally and you will also just as easily find information in leaflets and packages in the lobby of most establishments.

You will not find information as complete or thorough than in a local Tourism Office, but you will be able to still get a good first idea of what to do from your hotel.

Tourism Offices

Tourism Offices are first and foremost information centres with the aim of providing a warm welcome, accurate and valuable information as well as the promotion of tourism.

They’re mainly centred around facilitating the services needed for visitors in towns or around regions during their stay. This is the point of reference for information on a whole variety of things to do, even on ideas such as where to take a nice walk in the local area for example.

It is here where you will find everything necessary to plan and organise your holiday.

Today you’ll find Tourism Offices in the majority of cities in France, easily recognisable by their iconic signs on display.

The Maisons Régionales in Paris

Charged with the mission of developing their territories, the Maisons Régionales in Paris, grouped together, find their place in the collective dynamics in which share the same values.

  • These Maisons are cultural and economic promotion spaces. They specialise in organising and running events promoting their region, they are a part of the life in the capital and are efficient active links between Paris and the regions they represent.
  • They allow economic and institutional players to arrange their Paris branches. They are equally some of the project facilitators, placing books of addresses which have been compiled over time at your disposal.
  • Cultural links, they bring knowledge of new talents and in each autumn they offer special musical events dedicated to emerging artists. 

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