• Hôtel Parc Beaumont, Pau

    Hôtel Parc Beaumont, Pau

    © ATOUT FRANCE/Cédric Helsly


Savouring the moment

There's one activity that's especially recommended here - doing nothing, savouring life and playing things cool. Everything is geared toward making this oh-so-strenuous programme a success. There's quite an art to staying inactive.

To start with, you have to be determined: say to yourself, we're on holiday, so there's no need to trudge everywhere to see and learn everything.

Then there are ideal places for doing nothing. Beaches are very popular, but the prize goes without contest to cafés, the best place of all being a café terrace beside the sea, where you can sprawl for whole afternoons at a time.

And of course, such activity needs to be done in the right company: a group of friends is often the best bet. But bear in mind that this occupation is not the exclusive preserve of the young. Try it out in a small village square, and you'll find a handful of elders already occupying the best spots!