Party time

  • © Flickr - CC Moyan Brenn

  • © Flickr - CC Abul Hussain

Party time

Early on Saturday evening, you start to get that feeling - phones begin to ring, meetings are arranged.

Drink an aperitif (start gently, you've got to last all night) as you listen to a band playing in the bar.
You're here thanks to the local grape vine, a local newspaper or quite by chance. and the band is playing well.

A bite to eat in a cheap-and-cheerful bistro or a restaurant in a trendy part of town (Bastille, Oberkampf or Pigalle in Paris, and the centre in other cities). Savour a tasty lamb stew before the real meat of the evening: it's time for a nightclub. There's something in the air, and the doorman takes his work to heart. He lets you in.

Another good choice: one of the DJs of the moment is whipping up the dancefloor and the night gets going in earnest - and keeps on going! Other nightlife options include a midnight dip (preferably in the sea, and above all in summer), with sausages grilled over camp fires on the beach - this is the life! Or a mix of the two - a rave deep in the countryside.

Sleep comes at last, and Sunday is already well under way !