Overall treatment

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Overall treatment


  • Application of mud: the application of a thick layer of mud on sensitive areas has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, while the skin benefits from the riches of its active elements.
  • Seaweed wraps: the whole body is covered with a layer of warm seaweed which optimises the penetration of trace elements. Depending on the species of seaweed used, the action will either replenish the body's minerals, revitalise it or have a slimming effect.
  • Cooling wraps: a seaweed-based lotion applied to the lower limbs activates the circulation of the veins whilst producing an immediate and long lasting sensation of lightness and coolness.

Water treatments

  • Affusion shower: lying down beneath a fine rain of warm water, all the benefits and the gentleness of a soothing and relaxing process
  • Jet shower: An adjustable jet is directed by a hydrotherapy specialist over the whole body and onto specific treatment areas: a treatment that relaxes the muscles and stimulates the blood circulation.
  • Underwater shower: this treatment in the bath combines the benefits of a warm bath with a massage: stimulating the circulation, this shower has an analgesic and relaxing effect.
  • Whirlpool bath: this treatment in the bath is a mixture of air and warm water: it promotes the oxygenation of the tissues and imparts an overall feeling of relaxation.
  • Water massage bath: this bath consists of a progressive drainage produced by a series of jets directed onto different areas of the body: this treatment relaxes the muscles and joints and helps the blood circulation.
  • Hydro legs: the legs are immersed one after the other in two water-filled bowls: a 10° temperature difference has the effect of relieving, among other things, circulation problems and the sensation of heavy legs.
  • Underwater jet-spray: the underwater jet massage, followed by simple exercises, limbers up the body and tones up the tissues.

Manual massage

  • Relaxation massage: supplemented by work on breathing, this treatment imparts maximum relaxation by optimising the loosening up of the body.
  • Affusion massage: done by two or four hands, the calming and relaxing effect of the massage is reinforced by a fine rain of warm water. This treatment takes away all the body's tension and improves the quality of sleep.
  • Lymphatic drainage: this massage works on the lymphatic system. The slow, gentle and regular pressure actively removes infiltrates, and is particularly effective in the case of oedema and cellulite.
  • Reflexology: this massage of the reflex areas of the foot helps rebalance one's energies. This technique has therapeutic virtues on several specific complaints such as migraine and backache.
  • Shiatsu: this massage of Japanese origin, which acts on several hundreds of points, is designed to stimulate the flow of vital energy. Depending on the points worked on, it can be either stimulating or relaxing.

Special treatments

  • Swimming pool physiotherapy: exercises in the swimming pool allow the muscles, tendons and joints to recover their suppleness and mobility, and thus to prevent and reduce physical dysfunction. The body regains its supple, active and painless range of movement.
  • Pressotherapy: the legs benefit from alternating pressure and relaxation to improve circulation and make the legs feel lighter.
  • Endermology: this treatment combines the principle of "pinch-roll" massage with an aspiration technique. Particularly effective in the treatment of cellulite, it is also used for the treatment of the skin and of scars.