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Wide open spaces

Mountaineering's your thing? Then off to Mont Blanc you go - all 4,807 metres of it. And if that's not enough for you, there's plenty more to do.

So you want to strike out on your own? In the Corsican mountains, certain far-flung parts of the Limousin or the Landes forest (the largest in Europe), you'll find the peace and fresh air you're looking for. However, we can't guarantee that you won't meet a few mountain goats or a family of boars - but if you do meet the latter, try to avoid offending them.

And for hikers, France is heaven: put your boots to the use they were designed for along alpine paths or country lanes. And as for the variety of landscapes, what can we say? Mountains and ocean, forests (covering 28% of France) and countryside. So - be it on foot or horseback, roller skates or bungy rope - the choice is yours.