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At the upper valley, the river Lot in Lozère is still a mountain river. In Aubrac and Margeride the water from the springs give rise to a unique natural environment for an exceptional variety of plant and animal species, for example: the carnivorous round leaf sundew, the marsh gentian, the heron…

All our outdoor activities are in harmony with the environment.

Fishing in Lozère

More than twenty species of fish like trout, barb and daces can be found; it’s really a destination for freshwater fishermen.
The lake Charpal no-kill reservoir, shelters the pike and next to A75  the lake Moulinet offers a great range of activities for families, for example swimming, water slide fully secured in summer. Catching the never to be forgotten fish with our guides who will place you on waters of maximum opportunities.


The long distance path GR 65 passes by a variety of landscapes for example, on the Aubrac plateau, the vast pasturelands dotted of buff-coloured cattle.
Follow the footsteps of Stevenson in company of a donkey on the trail GR 70 along the beautiful landscape of the Cevennes National Park.

Water sports

Live an intense moment around the Lake of Naussac next to Langogne. Sailing, cycling and golfing on the bankside of the lake.

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