Leaders jerseys

  • Leaders jerseys

    Leaders jerseys


Leaders jerseys

Let's discover the different jerseys worn by Tour de France top racers, and learn what they mean...

The most recognisable symbol of the Tour is the yellow jersey. The yellow jersey was first introduced in 1919, and the color was chosen because the newspaper L'Auto, which editor Henri Desgrange, together with the journalist Geo Lefevre, created le Tour de France, was published on... yellow paper!

  • Yellow Jersey worn by the overall time leader. I's the most prized jersey.
    This maillot jaune is awarded by calculating the total combined race time up to that point for each rider.
  • Green Jersey for the points leader.
    This jersey is awarded to the cyclist with the highest number of sprint point.
  • White Jersey with red polka dots for the climbing leader.
     At the top of each climb in the Tour, there are points awarded for the riders who are first over the top.
  • White Jersey for the "best youth" for racers aged 25 years or younger.

The Team ranking also exists.The collective effort and the team spirit are rewarded. The winning team is the one whose first three riders have the best combined times in the General Classification.

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