“Le Guide” Selected Autoroutes in France, 2nd edition 2011

“Le Guide” Selected Autoroutes in France, 2nd edition 2011

France is a big country with a motorway network totalling over 9000 kilometres, most of which is toll-charged.

At the entry toll barrier (Barriére de péage) to the charged sections of motorways a ticket is obtainable from an automatic dispenser and you enter a motorwayland-like entity. There must be someting in the air that makes you feel special. Apart from motorway travellers nobody else has the right to be there without the Police authority to that effect. In case of a breakdown or an accident, it is the Police who get the message first and act accordingly to arrange assistance of relevance.

The SOS Telephone with built-in interactive speaker has only one button that you press when in need and the Police or Gendarmerie respond at the other end.

The French motorways (autoroutes) are among the best in the world
but you will feel more at ease if you have a good guide to motorway services during your travels.

"Le Guide" Selected Autoroutes in France, 2nd edition 2011, by Karol Libura, seems to be the answer to that effect:

It is a unique guide to getting the most from the French system of autoroutes which covers service and picnic areas backed-up by essential motoring information. It would assist you to plan your travels properly and also remind you of some important matters of relevance to long distance driving.

Anyone, needing to plan carefully for a trip down France’s motorway to the sun, especially first timers, will find this carefully researched guide a great help. At-a-glance maps give distances, facilities at rest areas and a host of practical information and tips. There is no comparable guide and many motorists will find it immensely helpful.

Travelling by car along the system of autoroutes in France could certainly be considered as the best alternative, despite the tolls which would be to a certain extent, offset by the steady saving on petrol consumption. Besides, it offers the freedom of travel in all the aspects of its connotation, and also, it is considered to be a safer way to use motorways when compared with other roads.

However, It cannot be overemphasised that you understand FATIGUE, and also, the influence of motorway driving on driving behaviour. And to that effect, you are urged to read the learned paragraphs on the subjects which are contained in this guide.

Le Guide presents its contents in a self-explanatory manner, as you progress your travels along the motorways. It shows unequivocally, all that you need to know when travelling from A to B along the autoroutes covered by this guidebook. A series of maps in linear form, cover service and rest areas along with information on what they offer, to include:

- Picnic areas, suitable for parties with young children,
- hotels’ locations and telephone numbers,
- restaurants,
- petrol stations with marked distances to the next one,
- translations of motorway instructions and travel useful tips,
- medical matters of relevance to long distance driving,
- telephoning, tyre pressure unit conversion and more still.

"Le Guide" helps to plan your journey according to your needs, all important on a long distance travels.