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Guaranteed excitement … France fr


The mountains offer many activities in summer.
Some of them are traditional: hiking, water sports, rock climbing, mountain biking; and others less so, and they will no doubt result in a surge of adrenalin.

Below, in random order, is the menu on offer:

- Climbing
This lets you discover the so-called totally, or almost totally vertical world. Depending on the level of difficulty, a professional guide is recommended. Let yourself slide between two cliffs or some trees or better still, do down the mountain hanging on the end of a rope. Slightly stressful perhaps, but absolutely unforgettable!

- Abseiling, pendulum.
Here again, slide along a rope and discover totally new sensations. This thoroughly enjoyable activity does not require any particular physical preparation, but it’s a good idea to be fairly fit to enjoy it to the full.

- Via Ferrata
This is an above-the-ground trail with all sorts of different equipment (stirrups, ramps, footbridges, etc.). The Via Ferrata is a wonderful way to experience the sensations of mountaineering. Its apparent ease and fun must not however blind you to the many risks involved. For safety reasons, always use the services of a professional guide.

- Canyoning
This activity combines walking, jumping, sliding and abseiling. Under the supervision of a specialised guide, canyoning will show you totally new surroundings. This very particular world, sometimes silent, sometimes rough, between rocks, in shadow and light, will leave you with an unforgettable feeling of adventure and freedom.
This sport is accessible to all and requires no particular skills, apart from being able to swim. Waterfalls, toboggans, water pools, slides, walking and swimming await you… Sound tempting?

 - Hiking  
 Choosing a hike in the mountains is choosing to immerse yourself in nature while preserving the complicity between man and his environment. You can smell, hear, perceive and taste the authenticity of a place and thereby understand it better. Hiking in the mountains gives you access to places that are impossible to discover any other way. It implies a positive choice to take an active part in your holiday and live your experience to the full, mentally and physically.

- Mountain biking  
 Sturdy mountain bikes are designed to be used on all types of terrain. This sport gives its enthusiasts – both long- and short-term – the opportunity to enjoy the mountains “ecologically”. This sport also gives you access to downhill slopes with considerable differences in level. To get your hand in, why not try large or very gentle downhill slopes?

- White water swimming
Dive in and shoot the rapids equipped with a board, flippers and a wetsuit (the water is cold). This sport requires no particular skills, apart from being able to swim. It’s similar to surfing, full of sensations of power and speed. It is done in mountain rivers and streams and sometimes involves going down fairly steep portions of river.

- River kayaking
A kayak-raft is a single- or two-seater craft. The bottom is made of foam surrounded by inflatable tubes. The toe-clips and straps keep you safely inside the boat and make sure your position is correct. It closely resembles a traditional kayak, but has better stability. You will quickly get to like this sport, and will want to go still further. A wonderful cocktail of sensations! 
- Canoe rafting
A canoe raft is a two-seater craft, inflatable and unsinkable, inspired from Indian canoes. This sport is accessible to anyone who can swim. It offers beautiful rides downriver at your own speed. For sports lovers who don’t mind how great the effort, the sensations are amazing. This craft will take you down the rapids in perfect safety. But it’s exciting too.

- Rafting
A raft is made up of several inflatable, extremely sturdy caissons, ensuring its unsinkability. It can hold 7 people plus a guide, which makes it a real team-based activity. Each boat is supervised by a guide who explains the manoeuvres and instructions to the participants.
The activity is open to anyone who can swim and will take you down mountain streams in perfect safety, offering beautiful views, and all the enjoyment of a shared effort and the discovery of the wild, secret scenery of our valleys. A combination of excitement and moments of peace.

- Paragliding
This extreme-looking sport is in fact suitable for most people after a short learning period. The flight principle is simple and similar to the gliding flight of a bird of prey, above plains or mountains. Air, wind and sun are the driving forces of this air activity, although it is quite possible to fly with no wind or in overcast skies. In these conditions, only the length and distance of the flight are affected. Whatever your piloting skills or your fitness level, you will find suitable paragliding conditions to satisfy your wishes. Safe journey and enjoy your flight!                                                                                    

NB: most of the activities in this list are done in organised structures with the help of recognised professionals and in conditions of maximum safety.