Gastronomy and Wines in the Lot Valley

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Gastronomy and Wines in the Lot Valley Lot fr


Its origin is Scandinavian because its main product is dried fish. It’s a savoury mixture of stockfish, boiled eggs, potatoes, garlic and Persil.

This a traditional Aubrac dish (Cantal, Aveyron, Lozere). It is made from a puree of mashed potatoes, tome cheese and crème fraîche.



Saffron from Quercy
This “Red Gold” which is increasingly sought after is meticulously cultivated and very delicate (about 200 fragile flowers are needed to obtain 1 single gram of dry saffron).

L’Agneau Fermier du Quercy – Farmers lamb
Label Rouge - Protected geographical identification. Bred on the causses of Quercy.

Production has remained largely a small scale family run affair retaining individuality and guaranteeing the high quality of foies gras, confits, magrets, galantine and all the other delicious duck products.

Truffles - Lot
The black truffle has three basic requirements: a certain type of tree (oak or hazelnut) limestone and a climate with a Mediterranean influence. The Lot provides all three and is one of the foremost truffle producing departments in France.

Pruneaux d’Agen
Today this prune is protected by the appellation IGP (Protected Geographical Identity) The Prunes to make the pruneaux d’Agen can only be from this region in order to be named “Pruneau d’Agen”



Today, age-old traditions of cheese-making still thrive, and most cheese is made by artisan producers, for best results. Lozère’s five AOC cheeses are Bleu des Causses, Laguiole, Pelardon, Bleu d’Auvergne and Roquefort.

And I am sure you already know the most famous ones:

100% Goat cheese AOC controlled appellation origin
Since it was awarded AOC status, this famous little round cheese, made with whole unpasteurised milk, has generated more and more interest.

There are 5 AOC Cheeses in the Cantal District (Controlled origin appellation)

This is one of the oldest cheeses of France. From the Cantal district, the farmhouse Cantal is made from un-pasteurized milk and the Cantal laitier is made from pasteurized milk. Its flavor, which is somewhat reminiscent of cheddar, is a strong, tangy butter taste and grows with age.



Cahors AOC Wines
One of the best known appellations is “Cahors”. Malbec, must represent 70% of the blend – the balance is made up with Merlot, or less commonly Tannat. It is a tannic wine, very full in the mouth. With age it becomes more refined, velvety and attains some very distinguished aromas such as leather, chocolate, plums and tobacco!

The Aveyron wine
A.O.C Marcillac. The valley of Marcillac enjoys a mild climate which first allowed the monks of Conques to lant vines on the sheer slopes in the red soil, a mixture of clay and limestone known as “Rougiers” Which characterises the region. It is here that the red and rosé wines of Marcillac are produced form the Fer Servadou grape called Mansois by the locals.

Discover the Buzet Winemakers
Initially VDQS, the Buzet wine region was awarded "Appellation Contrôlée" status in 1973. The Buzet Winemakers' winery has now become the Lot-et-Garonne department's most-visited tourist site.

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