Find your perfect place to stay this summer in Normandy

  • beach in Normandy

    beach in Normandy

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  • Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey in Normandy

    Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey in Normandy

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  • Parc du Château des Ravalet in Normandy

    Parc du Château des Ravalet in Normandy

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  • House in Normandy

    House in Normandy

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Find your perfect place to stay this summer in Normandy Manche fr

Book now! Find your perfect place to stay this summer in Normandy, we still offer great deals on holiday cottages in La Manche, the Normandy peninsula.

Enjoy a great summer holiday Normandy!

From Cherbourg to Mont Saint-Michel, take the family on a fun and exciting holiday: kids will love our long sandy beaches, our animal and fun parks; whilst parents will savour the local gastronomy and discover an exceptional heritage. It is also a perfect opportunity to come face to face with history and visit the D-Day Landing beaches. 

In Cherbourg do not miss the Titanic Exhibition called “TITANIC, Return to Cherbourg” at La Cité de la Mer. This permanent exhibition over 2500sqm is dedicated to the history of emigration and the Titanic to celebrate the centenary of the giant of the seas.

In Granville at the Christian Dior Museum you will appreciate “Stars in Dior - From the screen to the streets” exhibition. Over the summer, the fashion designer’s childhood home Villa “Les Rhumbs” will host creations worn by movie stars dressed in Dior, on the screens and in town.

Visit the Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey by night to delve deeper into its past and its mysteries, in a setting decorated by lights and images, with sound and musical effects and make surprising and original discoveries…

And for horse lovers rendez-vous to the The Normandie Horse Show in August. An event which is eagerly awaited by thousands of fans, this equestrian meeting brings together the elite of Normandy’s horse world.

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