Exotic Honeymoons

  • Moorea lagoon,"Sous-le-Vent" island, French Polynésie

    Moorea lagoon,"Sous-le-Vent" island, French Polynésie

    © ATOUT FRANCE/Aquashot

  • © ATOUT FRANCE/Pierre-Yves David

  • Pointe de Saziley, MAYOTTE

    Pointe de Saziley, MAYOTTE

    © ATOUT FRANCE/Pierre-Yves David

Exotic Honeymoons
The Polynesian islands and New Calidonia have all the ingredients for a dream vacation.

They celebrate the marriage of paradise and a warm welcome that is ideal for newlyweds. A honeymoon or anniversary trip must be magical—shores of golden sand, warm waters, quality service and mild evenings. The islands of French Polynesia has all this. The ideal climate and beautiful untouched landscapes are splendid and  serene. Just getting there seems like you are traveling to the end of the world—a small plane or a boat crossing from Papeete after the international flight, takes you to an atoll off of Bora-Bora, Taha'a or Moorea des Tuamotu. Polynesia is known for its unique accommodations—luxury bungalows under the coconut trees or on perched pylons just above the blue waters of the lagoon. The bungalows are usually grouped together like a small village, but are far enough apart for privacy. Each couple will feel like that they are completely alone. The hotels offer a legendary hospitality and many include seawater spa services.
Swimming, diving or snorkeling is a safe way to explore the natural treasures of the lagoon. And if your budget allows, you can visit the oyster farms and their pearl harvests.
As for New Caledonia, the beaches are also beautiful, but here you will move around a lot more, as it is suggested to visit the "satellite" islands of Grand Terre. You will land at the capital, Nouméa, and depart for the nearby island, île des Pins, where the coconut trees are replaced by pine trees. Sprinkled with luxury hotels, the island promises a palette of impressionist colors. You must next move on to either Lifou or Maré, two islands that are have less luxuries but offer a completely virgin landscape and solitary, imaculate beaches.
Or maybe you should consider the Caribbean islands of Martinique or Guadeloupe where you can rent a creole villa and enjoy the festive evenings, dance the beguine and taste the delicacies of the fine cuisine.
Lastly, you may want to consider chartering a yacht or taking a cruise, another ideal way to spend a honeymoon in the romantic French islands.