Events in the Maconnais area

  • Cycling in and around Mâcon

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    Cycling in and around Mâcon

    © Mâcon Tourism

Events in the Maconnais area Mâcon fr

Les “Vendanges de l’Humour” (the humour harvests)... The Mâconnais knows how to laugh!

Major event in southern Burgundy, "the Humour Harvests" festival hosts every year a whole host of newcomers. Alongside well-known humorists, the newcomers perform in public before a jury of professionals and thus enjoy a springboard to guide them towards success! "The Humour Harvests" give the rise to celebrate the end of the harvest, with humour, and now for over 10 years, and welcome every year thousands of spectators!

Black Grape clings to the “Saône et Loire” department...

A new event will come into being in 2010 in Macon: the detective novel literature and mystery fair. The first edition will take place the 12th and 13th of June and will have a national impact. In wine-producing lands, "Black Grape" will combine the pleasures of reading to those of wine and good food. Discussions, dedications, activities, competitions, literary cafés, conferences and meetings will be scheduled. About 40 famous writers, most of them received a literary prize, will be involved in the event.

Macon welcomes every year the French Speedboat Racing Championship!

The Speedboat Grand Prix is an inevitable event of the life of Mâcon. This stage of the French Championship is eagerly looked-for by pilots as well as the thousands of fans who delight in this exceptional show on the banks of the Saone River. The powerful moments of sport year, the waters’ Formula One at Macon will delight young as well as not-so-young alike!

Mâcon Rowing City!

The school and university French Championship will take place in Macon on the 22nd and 23rd of May 2010, at the initiative of the “Régates Mâconnaises”. Major stronghold of rowing in France, Macon enjoys an exceptional site and structure of national fame. The Saône River is a very technical competitive sports field which will certainly give a hard time with these young competitors. Come and encourage them!

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