English-Language Culinary Workshops in France

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English-Language Culinary Workshops in France France fr

The pleasures of the table and of French art de vivre are shared here without restraint. There are therefore a large number of ways to enjoy a fun and friendly culinary lesson with a chef in France’s major cities. All of the following programs offer courses available in English and several other languages!

Guests get a chance to “get their hands in the dough”: a superb opportunity to learn the little secrets of our chefs, and their tricks for success whether the meal is simple or sophisticated, whether the cuisine is locally traditional or creative and new. This theme is further expanded with offers for “discovery stays” in some of our metropolitan – and always gourmet – destinations!


Les cuisines du soleil: courses by Marc Héracle
In the beautiful décor of a large country house typical of the Aixoise countryside (chateau d’Arnajon, 15 minutes from the center of town), the chef gives his lessons on provençale (and healthy) cuisine, with courses lasting three days. Available in English and Italian!
Tel: +33 (0) 4 42 61 87 47


Julien Charvet, at the heart of les Halles in the Popes’ City (French website only)
Set up in the heart of the covered marketplace, this inspired chef offers cooking lessons for adults and children, mixing local flavors and exotic specialties. For example, Fridays are dedicated to sushi: course at 9:30 a.m., tasting at 11:30 a.m. Julien can also bring the lessons to you in your home. Available in English.


L’Office (French website only)
Caroline Joucla holds appointments in her workshop (for children, choose the “petits commis” version). She also invites great starred chefs from France and abroad who are happy to reveal a few of their personal tricks. This workshop also has a satellite branch inside the Galeries Lafayette Maison on the rue Alsace Lorraine. Courses available in English.

Instants Culin’R/Bolero (French website only)
A fine grocery store emphasizing Latin flavors for a “new generation” invites two chefs (Frédérique Menvielle and Sébastien Authier) to teach thematic culinary courses, from brunch to sophisticated meals and molecular gastronomy. Courses available in English and Spanish.

Amis et fines herbes (French website only)
The chef Nicolas André invites amateur gastronomes for culinary courses at a relaxed pace, during which you’ll learn to create a beautiful dinner or a mi-cuit foie gras, from the southwest region of course. Course available in English.

L’atelier de cuisine gourmande (the gastronomic cuisine workshop) (French website only)
It’s at Launaguet, just to the north of Toulouse, that this culinary school welcomes you for courses organized by theme, including oenology. Courses available in English.

Cuisin’Easy (French website only)
Nathalie Grenet has put together a universe dedicated to cuisine (for children as well as adults) and to oenology, and has imagined an original class where one works in the very heart of a Michelin-starred restaurant: participating in presentation, plating… and of course, tasting! Classes available in English or Spanish.


Maison des Cinq Sens (house of the five senses) (French website only)
This neighborhood spot offers multiple community events, as well as culinary courses in a cozy setting. Courses are available in English upon request for groups only (10 people max).

L’Atelier des Chefs (French website only)
This renowned chain can be found in numerous cities in France, including the capital of the Gironde: Bordeaux. Classes available in English for groups of at least 20 people.

Hostellerie des Criquets (French website only)
The restaurant of this charming 3-star hotel in the area surrounding Bordeaux (near Médoc) offers 2-hour courses with its chef: Jean-Luc Molle. Group courses are available in English upon request.


L’échanson (English website)
This wine boutique, nestled in a vaulted space of 60 square meters in the center of the capital of the Alps, offers oenology courses that “take you on a journey.” Sessions are possible in English and in Greek.


L’atelier cuisine de Patricia (French website only)
Located right next to the Notre-Dame Market (founded by Louis XIV) and in ancient halls with evocative names (Carré de la Farine, à la Viande, aux Herbes, etc.), allowing you to select the best artisans (a visit to the market is on the class schedule), Patricia’s workshop is meant to be cozy. A very 18th-century place, at the heart of the elegant city of Versailles. Patricia was trained at the famous Cordon Bleu school, the symbol of French excellence! 18th-century building. Courses available in English.


L’Atelier de Valérie (French website only)
Valérie Sabatino, head chef, offers culinary courses that are varied and open to all. From the “Chef Minute” course, for gourmands who are pressed for time, to the “Soirée dishes and wines” class, there is something for all tastes and all budgets. Courses available in English.

“Ma Maison” Restaurant (French website only)
In a lovely country-style space, in Saint-Aunès, Philippe and Isabelle welcome you on Saturday mornings. The class takes place “behind the stove” just like at home (even though it is a fashionable restaurant). All classes can be conducted in English, Spanish, or Italian.

Jardin des Pâtes Restaurant (French website only)
The culinary school of chef Armand welcomes you on Saturdays for a themed afternoon and evening. This artisan of gastronomic cuisine has reinvented pasta recipes (not only Italian in style) and offers complete culinary courses. All courses can also be conducted in English and German.

Ecole des Gourmets (French website only)
Alain and Elizabeth Moussy await you at Saint-Clément-de-Rivière, in a warm environment. These workshops (three hours for adults or two hours for children) have bilingual guide cards to make up for the staff’s hesitation in speaking English… but a good sense humor is enough to get you through!


The Tables of Rabelais (English website)
The Metz office of Tourism offers a “gastronomic signature” in homage to the great 15th-century writer, who stayed for two years in the capital of the Lorraine region. These “gourmand city breaks” and “Visites Rabelaisiennes” packages are centered on regional products and the best restaurants in town. An audio guide and guided visit are available in several languages.