The Dordogne for families

  • Gabare à Beynac

    © Jonathan BARBOT

    Gabare à Beynac

    © Jonathan BARBOT

  • Miroir temporel du THOT

    © CDT Dordogne

    Miroir temporel du THOT

    © CDT Dordogne

  • Abri Cro-Magnon

    © CDT Dordogne

    Abri Cro-Magnon

    © CDT Dordogne

  • © CDT Dordogne

    © CDT Dordogne

The Dordogne for families dordogne fr

The timeless LE THOT centre – “Serious Game” technology that enhances a cultural visit to this prehistoric site

Le Thot’s different areas and wildlife park help to develop a better understanding of our Cro- Magnon ancestors. The Parc du Thot - Espace Cro-Magnon in Thonac offers an approach to cave art which acts as a complement to a visit to Lascaux II, through facsimiles of rooms found in the original cave (the Nave and the Shafts) and different workshops.

In 2014, thanks to augmented reality technology, you will be able to interact with six prehistoric animals and enjoy a close-up experience with a mammoth, a mageceros etc. Inside the site’s large interior, a site guide will provide an insight into these animals, which are able to approach visitors and even adopt different behavioural patterns

depending on the situation.


The new Cro-Magnon museum in Les Eyzies de Tayac

New insights into the lives of our ancestors and the chance to meet the first Human! The place where the first modern human was discovered!  A number of interactive displays are being created to offer you unusual ways in which to interact with our ancestors and learn all about our history. The ambitious installations at the Cro-Magnon shelter will include holograms, tactile tablets and immersive scenography (with visuals and sound effects). You will also be able to follow a guided route wearing augmented reality glasses which will allow them to see the cliffs inhabited as they would have been 30,000 years ago. This museum will provide you with a truly comprehensive understanding of the site’s history.


Family Dordogne 

This practical guide is aimed at parents and grandparents with children aged from 3 to 12 who are looking for fun holiday activities for all the family. The brochure lists around 100 ideas which are suitable for children, including visits and activities on land, in the air, in the water and underground.

All of the sites and activities listed share a common attribute – they are designed with children’s enjoyment in mind and ensure that their young visitors not only enjoy themselves but also learn something new and interact with the world around them, including their parents.

The borchure "Family Dordogne" is free and in French.

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