Discovering Sarreguemines!

  • Sarreguemines - Lorraine

    Sarreguemines - Lorraine

    © Ville de Sarreguemines

  • Sarreguemines - Lorraine

    Sarreguemines - Lorraine

    © musées Sarreguemines

  •  moulin de la Blies - Sarreguemines -  Lorraine

    moulin de la Blies - Sarreguemines - Lorraine

    © Musées de Sarreguemines

  • the ceramic technique - Sarreguemines

    the ceramic technique - Sarreguemines

    © JC Kanny Moselle Tourisme

  • Sarreguemines, a rich cultural heritage

    Sarreguemines, a rich cultural heritage

    © Musées de Sarreguemines

  • The museum of Sarreguemines

    The museum of Sarreguemines

    © Musées de Sarreguemines

  • Cruise on the Saar - Sarreguemines - Lorraine

    Cruise on the Saar - Sarreguemines - Lorraine

    © Sarreguemines tourisme

  • The greenway of the Saar canal- Sarreguemines - Lorraine

    The greenway of the Saar canal- Sarreguemines - Lorraine

    © Sarreguemines tourisme

  • Saarland thermes - opening september 2012

    Saarland thermes - opening september 2012

    © Saarland Therme

  • the working class area

    the working class area

    © Sarreguemines tourisme

Discovering Sarreguemines! 57 Sarreguemines fr

Moulin de la Blies

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of ceramics workers of yesteryear! This is a unique place, and belonged to the Sarreguemines pottery works from 1825 to 1969. The great idea was to invent a new life for the old place by transforming it. The mill is now the Ceramics Techniques Museum which illustrates the phases of the ceramics manufacturing process. At its side stands the majestic Jardin des Faïenciers.

Ceramics Museum - Winter Garden

The brilliant minds of the era have made creativity rhyme with beauty to produce magnificent art pieces and beautiful ceramic pieces inspired by the society of yesteryear. The Ceramics Museum houses a magnificent collection of 19th and 20th century objects. Its loveliest gem is the Winter Garden.

Other sites of the ceramics circuit :

 Ceramics kiln
11 m high, this fascinating dome actually houses a ceramics kiln. Invaluable witness to the industrial revolution, this kiln inspired by the English model is the sole survivor of thirty kilns of this type built in the 19th century on the left bank of the Saar.

Casino des Faïenciers
This landmark building decorated with superb ceramic frescoes contributes to the architectural beauty of the town and overlooks the marina.

Ceramics districts
The first workers’ district was built in Sarreguemines in the late 19th century.

Cruise on the Sarre

Boarding for a cruise on the Sarre Canal, which will give you the opportunity of discovering the local flora and fauna, and the operation of the locks. The boat Stadt Saarbrücken invites you on Tuesdays and Saturdays to a nice relaxing cruise, lasting for two and a half hours between Sarreguemines and Saarbrucken.

European Archaeological Park of Bliesbruck-Reinheim

Located on the French-German border, is one of the largest archaeological parks in Europe. Archaeological excavations have revealed more than two millennia of an exciting history that covers Gallo-Roman Antiquity. Through an original museum staging, the visitor goes into the past and discovers the magnificent tomb of the Princess of Reinheim, a vast Gallo-Roman villa and baths and a restored ancient city.

Zetting church

At 7 km from Sarreguemines nestled in a bend of the Sarre, stands one of the most beautiful churches in the area.

Way of Saint James of Compostela

Mystical, enchanting, for over 1000 years, it attracts pilgrims and travellers from all over the world with the goal of reaching St James of Compostela, where the tomb of the Apostle is located. The south path that goes through Sarreguemines joins Herapel near Forbach.

Smart France SAS

Welcome to Smartville, a unique factory in the world!  Discover live the secrets of making the trendiest of city cars. 

NEW! Spa Thermal Resort of Saar-Lorraine - Opening 2nd September 2012

Capable of catering to about 500 people a day, this huge spa complex will surprise you with its Moorish-Andalusian architecture at the heart of the natural biosphere of Bliesgau.

Walks and hiking

A network of greenways and cycling paths was made throughout the Sarreguemines region. Fitted with direction signs and picnic areas, these tracks allow users to relax in the heart of unspoilt nature.

Pathway between the towns of Val de Sarre linking Germany and Alsace, it offers a lovely ride through scenic places and landscapes.

The greenway of the Sarre canal
It connects Saarbrücken to the Alb area and the Lakes. The cycle path, in excellent condition, passes through varied landscapes, punctuated with rivers, ponds, forests and fields.

Vélo vis-à-vis
The main cycling network goes along a route of 264 km rich in discoveries away from major thoroughfares between Sarre and Lorraine.

Things to see