Discover the cuisine of Franche-Comté

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Discover the cuisine of Franche-Comté Besancon fr

Franche-Comté and Jura: The Land of Cheeses

The forest in the Jura department is home to hare, wild boar, deer, and young rabbit, which vie for the favors of the forest floor. Franche-Comté also abounds in game such as thrush, partridge, pewee, and plover. At the foot of fir trees hide morels, a delectable mushroom that enlivens any dish, as well as oronges (Caesar’s mushroom) and russulas. The rivers and streams teem with the region’s most prized gastronomic specialties: trout (which is prepared with hazelnuts), succulent crawfish, pike (which is prepared in quenelles), eel (prepared as brochettes), lamprey, carp, and shad. All these can be found prepared in the local Pochouse-style bouillabaisse. You will also be able to enjoy renowned charcuteries such as local sausages and Jésu de Morteau.

As for the cheese selection, one only has to name a few to understand this region’s importance in this realm: bleu du Haut-Jura, Vacherin, Cancoillotte, Comté, and Emmental. In the region, soup is served as part of every meal. Delight your taste buds with lentil soup, chicken or frog barley soup, fruit soups made of cherries, orange and hazelnuts, French onion soup, and many more.

This is also the land of the small but delicious cherry. Whether eaten raw, in a dessert, in a soup, or enjoyed as Kirsch, this fruit is much celebrated, especially around Christmastime. Jura white wine can be found both on the table and in the meals with which it is served, such as in chicken dishes, which are almost always cooked in wine and cream. On the sweet side, the region has specialties that delight the palate such as brioches, spice bread, galettes, crêpes and beignets. But the treat that leaves all others behind is without a doubt the gaufre (waffle)!

Regional Specialties

The region’s most famous specialties include Franche-Comté-style hotpot, fondue, saucisse de Morteau, Papet jurassien (orange blossom tart), sèche de Besançon (a dessert), quenelles de brochet (pike dumplings), Nantua sauce (a crawfish béchamel sauce), fondue comtoise, and tournedos au vin jaune.

The regional desserts are just as delicious: galette de goumeau, galette bisontine, cream-filled corniottes pastries, and galette comtoise. 

Regional Cheeses

Cheeses to enjoy here include Morbier, Comté, bleu de Gex, Cancoillotte or Cancoyotte, Mont d'Or, Raclette, and Vacherin. 

Wines and Spirits

In Jura, the AOC vineyards include: 

- 4 "geographic" AOCs: Château Chalon, Arbois, L'Étoile, and Côtes du Jura
- 2 AOC products: Crémant du Jura and Macvin du Jura

There are many small winemakers in Franche-Comté, such as Ruranim in Vuillafans in the Loue valley and Coteaux in Champlitte. 

Varietals used

For white wines: Chardonnay and Savagnin 
For red wines: Poulsard, Trousseau, and Pinot Noir