Boat rental



Boat rental

France has a particularly rich network of canals and rivers, 8,500 km long, allowing you to discover the country in depth, as you slowly go along from lock to lock.

Navigating in France: licences, river moorings, weather bulletins, tide tables…

A licence is needed to operate French motorised pleasure boats at sea where the actual horsepower of the engine or engines is/are higher than 4.5kW (6 HP). There are three types of licence:

  • la carte mer [sea licence]
  • le permis mer côtier [coastal licence]
  • le permis mer hauturier [deep-sea/ocean licence]

There are specific licences for navigating on inland waters. 

Licences to operate motorised pleasure boats at sea only give the right to pilot by agreement. Any person operating a pleasure boat professionally must have the recognised professional qualifications.

The regulations are on

Port authorities display daily weather bulletins and forecasts for the following days. 

At the French sailing association's website, you can consult tide tables for each port.