Armagnac - Cookery recipe

  • © ATOUT FRANCE / Jérôme Berquez

    © ATOUT FRANCE / Jérôme Berquez

Armagnac - Cookery recipe Auch fr

Pheasant Casserole by Sarah Saunders, our gastronomic stylist © BNIA

Serves 4
This recipe is a perfect winter dish. Pigeon or guinea fowl can also be used.

- In a frying pan, sauté a large onion and two garlic cloves in three tablespoons of olive oil until they are lightly golden and transparent.
- Place in an ovenproof dish and set aside. 
- Brown two pheasants in the frying pan, then place them whole in the casserole dish. 
- Pour a large glass of Armagnac in the frying pan, then pour over the pheasants in the casserole dish.
- Add ¼ litre of water.
- Add a large handful of red grapes, a 10cm sprig of rosemary and sprinkle with a little thyme.

Season with salt and pepper.
Cook in the oven at 200°C for 2 hours.

Remove the birds from the dish and slice them on a chopping board. Pour the juice from the casserole dish into the frying pan to reduce a little further. Add cream if you wish or serve the meat sliced on a plate with the juice and grapes poured on top. Decorate with a feather from the bird's tail or a sprig of rosemary. 

Serve with a mirepoix of carrots and peas and mashed potato.
This dish is also perfect served with Sarah's date and cumin chutney, quince jelly or fig jam

Bon appétit !