Adventure Parks

  • A child traversing a rope bridge

    A child traversing a rope bridge

    © Atout France/Hervé Le Gac

Adventure Parks

Why follow in the footsteps of others, when you can experience the forest from the soaring tree tops? Footbridges, monkey bars, and zip lining from tree to tree are exhilarating ways to experience the forest like never before. The entire family can enjoy the views only seen from the towering tree tops, as your heart races from the excitement of being airborne, zip lining through the forest canopy. 

There are multiple levels of difficulty, ranging from green (easiest) to black (most difficult), so that everyone can find the right path for themselves. There are even beginner courses designated for the smaller children, to ensure that the whole family has an opportunity to take part in the fun. Once you’ve established the difficulty and path you wish to follow, you’ll strap in using tethers attached to cables, and it’s time to go. Whether you decide to set your pulse racing as you zip line at high speeds from tree to tree, or take a long walk across the numerous foot bridges, Adventure parks will ensure that you and the family can share in a forest expedition that none will soon forget.