Active Holidays in the Lot Valley

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Active Holidays in the Lot Valley Lot fr


In Lozère: endurance itineraries like the 160 km of Florac and the “Drailles”, which are the trails left by cattle when travelling up and down the slopes are a grand experience for mountain bike lovers.

Cycle through the Cantal countryside on the “Veloroute” (bike path) called the great volcano crossing bike ride. There is also a Véloroute in the Lot-et-Garonne which follows the river for 80 km through countryside and farmlands.

In the Lot the tow path is dug into the rock along the river bank.


Enjoy the thrill of adventure sports like canoeing, kayaking, white water rafting and canyoning. You can go kayaking directly from Mende in Lozère.

The Aveyron will take you tumbling down the Lot on its rafting crusades and we mustn’t forget the Cantal and its chestnut region “la Chataigneraie” for an exciting and adventurous river experience.


The Lot covers more than 12.000 acres of lakes of all sizes and a wide variety of species of fish. Whether you’re a leisure or sports fisherman here you will find the tranquillity of the countryside, quality river water and lots of fish!

The least populated region in France and to the irish tourist-one of her best kept secrets. Until now! Lozere lies in the south east of France and encompasses half million hectares of stunningly beautiful, protected national heritage-including 2700 km of category one troutfilled rivers and streams. The region’s life-blood stems from snow melt waters of the central Massif, percolating through strata’s of Granite, Basalt, Limestone and shale to produce numerous rivers of incredible clarity and diversity-a veritable fly-fishing paradise!


Lot / Aveyron / Cantal: The Santiago de Compostela pilgrim track, G65, is a must when talking about walking in this part of France. It is the most famous track crossing France. It links Le Puy en Velay to Santiago de Compostela, crossing Aurillac, Conques, Figeac and Cahors. This is an authentic way to explore the region following Pilgrims footsteps.

Lozère: On September 1878, Robert Louis Stevenson set off, accompanied by his donkeys, on a walking tour in the Cévennes. This adventure was primarily undertaken to provide him with enough material for a book “Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes”.


A cruise along the Lot River is a very enjoyable experience. The panoramic views are just breathtaking. No permit is necessary.

You can stop for a wine tasting in one of the many vineyards along the river bank. Rent a bike and take it on board and cycle around the river.

The Lot is one of the longest and most beautiful navigable rivers in France, and is only navigable only in the department of the Lot and Lot-et-Garonne.


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