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    The Tour de France honors the memory of winners who fell during First War

    From July 05, 2014 to July 27, 2014

    The peleton did not ride during the Great War, and a sizeable proportion of its members joined the front lines and the inferno of trench warfare. Many of them lost their lives, including three previous winners of Le Tour: François Faber, Octave Lapize and Lucien Petit-Breton. Tour de France will pay homage to their memory, and the memory of the millions of soldiers who fell. The route of the 2014 edition will visit many places where the war left its mark. After starting from Yorkshire, Le Tour will follow the front line and go through Flanders, Artois, Aisne, Champagne, Verdun and the Vosges mountains. Lille, Arras, Reims, Epernay, Nancy and Mulhouse will all host stages.

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