Nantes 2013, European Green Capital

From January 01, 2013 to December 14, 2013
  • Ile de Nantes, 2013 European Green Capital

    © Valery Joncheray

  • The Great Elephant in Nantes, 2013 European Green Capital

    © Stéphane Menoret

  • Petite Amazonie in Nantes, 2013 European Green Capital

    © Valery Joncheray

  • Tramway in Nantes, 2013 European Green Capital

    © Christiane Blanchard

  • Chantrerie in Nantes, 2013 European Green Capital

    © Jean-Dominique Nautilus & Jean Renaudineau du Seve

  • Gesvres river in La Chapelle sur Erdre - Nantes, 2013 European Green Capital

    © Christian Konig


    After Stockholm, Hamburg and just before Copenhagen in 2014, Nantes Métropole is the Green Capital of the European Union for 2013.

    This distinction recognizes and recompenses the work and efforts undertaken for over 20 years in favour of the environment and the reasoned development of the city. But it is also an incitement to go further still, mobilising all concerned to take another step forward: public and private stakeholders but also, and above all, all the residents who have embodied all this progress and who are also its first beneficiaries.

    2013, a year of opening up to the outside world

    In celebration of its title as Green Capital of Europe, but above all to publicize and share its good environmental practices with other major European cities, Nantes Métropole has set up an ambitious events program for 2013.

    It wants to trigger, in its own original and festive way, the mobilisation of residents and both local and European partners, around quality of life from three different aspects: well-being, innovation, social and territorial cohesion.

    A machine as a symbol

    Nantes Green Capital is represented by the Aéroflorale II. This unusual machine with its scientific expedition will visit several European cities to create exchanges with Europeans.

    This strange machine, over 15m high, was designed by François Delarozière and manufactured by Compagnie La Machine. This year it will visit several cities in Europe to accompany the Nantes mission. Each landing point will be a time to ensure that the Nantes Métropole is talked about, and will also enable European populations and people from Nantes to find out about scientific progress made in plant-based energy production.

    Numerous urban stakeholders will be invited to discussions in every European city visited by the Plant Expedition, researchers and representatives from Nantes, Brussels, Turin and Istanbul will welcome the airship and its installations for a few days.

    Finally, every European stop over, once completed, will be reported in order ensure that a link is created between European cities and their residents.

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