"Bears, myth and reality" in Toulouse

From October 11, 2013 to June 30, 2014
  • Bears, myth and reality at Toulouse Museum

  • Bears, myth and reality at Toulouse Museum

    © Michal Batory-Deyrolle


    The fascination that bears have held for us since the Palaeolithic Age, when they shared caves and lands with mankind, has inspired the world of make believe in every culture.

    Imposing and brutal, the bear has succeeded in appearing good-natured and full of kindness, through the miracle of projection and the emotions it inspires in us.

    This strange attraction to the plantigrade makes us question our relationship with this animal, which inspired the name of the Arctic (from the Greekarktos, bear), and the constellations (Great Bear, Little Bear) and which anthropomorphism led us to see as a relation to man during Antiquity.

    A mythical animal which has also often been denigrated, the Bear represents the part of the animal kingdom in which mankind recognises himself, the part he attempts to exorcise. Whether the bear is venerated or despised, it is the object of many fantasies and envy, from attraction to aversion.

    In a universal context, the exhibition explores our complex perceptions of the bear, and invites visitors to reflect on this relationship, which unites them with the animal. So it is a question of bears’ stories but also the shared story of man and bear, and of our relationship with the “wild”.

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