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Format: 2015-11-28
Format: 2015-11-28
  • From May 01, 2015 to November 29, 2015

    Dragons and Templars have come and gone so now it’s Arthurian legend’s turn to come to life at the Royal Fortress of Chinon.

  • From March 01, 2014 to November 30, 2015

    The collections of Verdun Memorial and of former Diors Military Museum are to discover at the Centre of World Peace, Civil Liberties and Human Rights of Verdun.

  • From November 29, 2015 to December 04, 2015

    Create a virtual forest on the Eiffle Tower to help the reforestation of the planet.

  • From December 01, 2015 to December 06, 2015

    The best local and international athletes will gather to celebrate the spirit of the Waterman and to partake in challenges that will take place in the lagoon of the pearl of the Pacific.

  • From December 04, 2015 to December 06, 2015
    In Eastern France, the two biggest festive events in the winter calendar are the Christmas market in Strasbourg and the Saint-Nicolas festival in Nancy. The Saint-Nicolas festival is a traditional event typical of the Lorraine region which is celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm. Although th...
  • From November 28, 2015 to December 06, 2015
    The biggest equestrian event of the year in France. From horse racing to show jumping, dressage and eventing via riding holidays or purely recreational riding, the equine world continues to expand in France: the French love riding more than ever! The Salon du Cheval or Horse Exhibition in Paris is...
  • From December 02, 2015 to December 06, 2015
    A music festival with its ear to the ground. Appearing as a sort of experimental music showcase when it started out, the Trans Musicales festival has since become a major event on an international scale. No festival could claim to cover the immense panorama of contemporary rock music, yet TransMusic...