Vignobles & Découvertes : Pays de Bergerac in New Aquitaine

  • Bergerac vineyards that stretch beyond the horizon

    Bergerac vineyards that stretch beyond the horizon

    © ADT 07

  • The city of Bergerac

    The city of Bergerac

    © ADT 07

  • The Monbazillac Castle

    The Monbazillac Castle

    © Château de Monbazillac/B.dupuy

  • © Tous droits réservés

Vignobles & Découvertes : Pays de Bergerac in New Aquitaine D13 24240 Monbazillac fr

The «Pays de Bergerac, Vignoble & Bastides» region is located in southern Perigord. The vineyards of Bergerac comes through 13 AOC,  including Monbazillac Montravel or Pécharmant.

Bergerac, a proud city set along the banks of the Dordogne overlooking the endless journeys of the traditional scows with a renaissance heart. The town itself is closely watched by the shadow of the “nosey” Cyrano.

This beautiful city is surrounded by vineyards that stretch beyond the horizon, sumptuous chateaux and bastides that thrive to this day.

Welcome to Bergerac and celebrate with us a certain “art de vivre”

From tasting the wine to visiting the vineyards with an abundance of sensations provoked by the grapes that come in five different colours and 13 AOC’s:

  • Monbazillac,
  • Pécharmant,
  • Saussignac,
  • reds, whites, fruity rosés, sweet whites…

The colours tempt the eyes as much as the liquid stimulates your senses. An art mastered by the talented and passionate growers. A stroll through the vines then becomes very tempting when one knows that the reward is a special kind of sandwich watered down with a bottle of wine in the chai!

Not to miss...

The Bergerac House of Wines, a 17th century monument, built around a cloister in wood and bricks (The Cloister Recollects). The exhibition " Le vin est Voyage", a vault full of mystery, a sensory room to identify different flavors and of course the wine cellar. Everything will be done to satisfy your curiosity.

Finally you will complete your knowledge by a tasting. In addition, it's free!

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