• PNR Verdon/JP Gallet/

    PNR Verdon/JP Gallet/ | © ViaFrance


    The Verdon Gorge

    A view from above or from the waters below?

    From the top of the Sestrière, near the col d'Allos where it rises, to Lake Sainte-Croix into which it flows, the Verdon river cuts a deep swathe through the limestone plateau of Haute Provence, forming the dramatic Verdon Gorge with its huge, overhanging cliffs, up to 250 m high.

    Admire this unique, vertiginous landscape from the natural viewing points recommended in the hiking trails and the Mesclia balcony, in particular. Or marvel at the spectacle from below, from the reflective turquoise waters of the Verdon, perfect for rafting, river boarding, canyoning and other white water sports.

    The more foolhardy among you may prefer to discover the gorge at high speed - bungee jumping from the Pont de l'Artuby (Artuby Bridge)!

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