Rendez-vous at Trenches of the Hand of Massiges

  • Trenches of the Hand of Massiges

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    When they retreated in September 1914, the Germans sought refuge on this natural high spot where the Champagne and Argonne fronts meet. Its shape resembles a hand, and each finger was a bastion of this natural fortress. Both the French and the Germans dug countless tunnels here.

    The land of the Hand of Massiges has remained in the same condition with the First World War mines and trenches. It also offers fine views over the Argonne, the Meuse and the Ardennes

    The front-line soldiers would pass in front of the statue of the Holy Virgin in the village. The left breast of the statue was struck by a bullet and a swarm of bees found shelter in the hole. The soldiers, impressed by this rebirth, christened the statue the Bee Virgin.

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