Rendez-vous in Saint-Pourçain sur Sioule

  • Saint-Pourçain sur Sioule

    Saint-Pourçain sur Sioule

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  • Charles de Gaulle Bridge

    Charles de Gaulle Bridge

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  • Holy Cross Church

    Holy Cross Church

    © Wikimedia Commons / F5ZV

Rendez-vous in Saint-Pourçain sur Sioule saint-pourçain sur sioul fr

Saint-Pourçain sur Sioule is located in the department of Allier in Auvergne region. The city stretches along the Sioul River in the traditional, rural landscape of the Bourbon Limagne.

Although there are ties to its Roman origin, as remains have been discovered there, Saint-Pourçain-sur-Sioule appears primarily as a typical medieval town.

Nearby a small monastery, founded in the 5th century, the city developed itself during the Merovingian era, named after a former slave performing miracles, and by doing so, he became the town abbot: Pourçain. In the 9th century, the Abbey of Saint-Pourçain lost this title to become a Priory which, in the 10th century, was of particular importance.

The history of the city is then a reflection of national events: noble struggles, the Hundred Years War, pestilence... These troubled times required the defense of the city, and established the silhouette that is familiar to us, a protected city with fortifications.

Not to miss in Saint-Pourçain

  • The Charles de Gaulle bridge
  • The clock tower and belfry
  • The Holy Cross Church
  • Museum of Vine and Soil
  • Museum of Lithography