Rendez-vous at the Reserve of the Haute-Touche

    The Reserve of the Haute-Touche, more than one-thousand animals from five continents

    Not far from the Regional Natural Park of Brenne, the Haute-Touche Reserve offers an observation of more than 1,000 animals from five continents. Some of these are among the rarest in the world, and all are living in a vast forest domain of 500 hectares (over 12,000 acres).

    Upon arrival, you will begin your visit with a European safari (by car) and be introduced to the native wildlife of our continent: wolves, bison, as well as herds of ibex and deer (the hosts of this location).

    Two suggested routes are proposed to pedestrians and cyclists. The first cuts across a territory that is divided by continent: you will be able to compare the cats of Africa to those of Asia, American canines to those of Europe and Asia, the spider-monkeys of South America to the primates of Madagascar… Around a vast body of water, you will observe numerous African species (cheetahs, hyenas, antelope and birds) without forgetting the lemurs and baboons. The second area houses a “breeding and research” center; the various programmes here attempt to protect rare species: the tigers of Sumatra, Father David’s deer, Eld’s deer, fallow deer from Mesopotamia, the European lynx…

    A beautiful discovery to share with the whole family!

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