Rendez-vous in l'Ile de Ré

  • Beach


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  • One of the small village

    One of the small village

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  • Low tide

    Low tide

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  • Bridge


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  • Salt marsh

    Salt marsh

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  • Ars-en-Ré


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Rendez-vous in l'Ile de Ré 17410 Ile de Ré fr

Population 17,000 – Surface area 85km² – 30km long x 5km wide

Ré "La Blanche" is linked to the mainland (La Rochelle) by a magnificent bridge which ensures easy access to the island all year round. Its main selling points include an annual rate of sunshine that rivals that of the French Riviera, as well as a concentrated network of minor roads and lanes which are ideally suited to cycling. Its flat landscapes enable visitors to admire beautiful, open landscapes where marshland, forests, dunes and sections of the coast exposed at low tide are influenced by the vagaries of the ocean. Along its 70km of coast, Ré boasts a dozen or so charming typical villages with a traditional character, where tiny whitewashed houses with blue or green shutters line narrow streets embellished with a profusion of hollyhocks planted here and there.

History has had a major influence on this island, whose strategic position at the entrance to the port of La Rochelle resulted in the construction of impressive defensive structures bearing the hallmarks of the military architect Vauban, such as the Fort de la Prée, the Saint-Martin citadel and the old port of La Flotte.

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