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    Parc naturel régional de la forêt d'Orient

    A tranquil forest with ornithological highlights.

    Located south of Champagne, in the Aube region, not far from Troyes, the Regional Nature Park of the Orient Forest covers a vast area of 70,000 hectares comprising 50 municipalities. A product of the nature and of man, it offers a mosaic of enchanting and heterogeneous landscapes. Bordered by lush meadows and groves, at the centre of the park is the main attraction: the Orient forest. Hieratic and deep, where oaks and century-old charm reign supreme, this forest is rich in unique wildlife (deer, roe deer, wild boar, and so on).
    Recognized by the international community as a wetland of vital importance, the park constitutes a major ornithological interest with its large reservoir lakes and 70 ponds stocked with fish, an ideal migratory stop where go can spot more than 250 species of birds, such as the White-tailed eagle, the common crane, and the osprey hawk, among others.
    In short, this is a valuable habitat which will amaze budding naturalists and offers many freshwater activities too (such as swimming, sailing, diving, fishing or boating).

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