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    Rendez-vous in Mont Sainte-Odile Monastery

    Spiritual place in Alsace.

    Odile, patron saint of Alsace, was born blind. Her father, the Duke of Alsace Etichon, condemned her to death but her mother saved her, giving her to a nurse to take to a convent.
    The day of her baptism, her sight was restored to her, and she was given the name Odile which means "daughter of light".

    Returned to her parents, the young girl was opposed to the marriage propositons set up by her father; as she tried to flee, a rock opened to make a hiding place for her. The duke, moved by this miracle, accepted Odile's wishes and gave her the château du Hohenbourg, which became a monastery.

    The sarcophagus of saint Odile is preserved in the chapel which is dedicated to her.
    In addition to the spiritual aspect of the place, visitors can appreciate the panorama available to them from the terrace which looks over Strasbourg, the Black Forest and the plains of Alsace.

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