Rendez-vous in l'Ile d’Oléron


Rendez-vous in l'Ile d’Oléron 17310 Oléron fr

Located between the Antioche strait (pertuis) to the north, which separates it from the Île de Ré, and the Maumusson strait (pertuis) to the south, which separates it from the Arvert peninsula, Oléron "La Lumineuse" (a nickname it has been given due to its long hours of sunshine) is the largest French island in Europe after Corsica. It is connected to the mainland by an impressive 3,027m-long bridge which provides easy access.
Its surface area is almost twice the size of the neighbouring Île de Ré, with a relatively flat landscape which makes it perfect for discovering by bicycle. With 80km of cycle lanes, cyclists can explore the island without having to pedal along roads that are often very busy in high season.
The first impression of Oléron is one of an incredible bright sky, colourful low houses with whitewashed walls, fragrant flora, diverse landscapes, and a gentle climate which enables mimosas to flower in mid February.
For those keen on gastronomy, Oléron is at the heart of the Pays de Marennes, where pride of place is given to the production and enjoyment of oysters of the same name. Bon appétit!

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