Rendez-vous in Fougères

  • Medieval city of Fougères

    Medieval city of Fougères

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  • City and Castle of Fougères

    City and Castle of Fougères

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  • Fougères


    © Wikimedia Commons / Coyau

Rendez-vous in Fougères fougères fr

Town of Art and History located on the outskirts of Brittany, Fougères offers visitors a unique experience.

The medieval city is full of treasures that we invite you to discover: the castle and its scenic path, the medieval district of "Marchix", the oldest belfry in Brittanny, the mansions in Upper Town, museums and gardens...

Beyond the city, the Fougères county also offers a wide range of things to discover (heritage, crafts, festivals and traditions).

Not to miss in Fougères and around...

  • Medieval Castle of Fougères
  • Emmanuel de la Villéon Museum
  • The Victor Hugo Theatre
  • The Belfry
  • The St. Leonard's Church
  • La Maison de Savigny
  • The Medieval Quarter
  • Church of Saint-Sulpice
  • Convent des Urbanistes
  • Bonabry Church
  • The Château de la Haye Saint Hilaire
  • Mellé, Heritage city of Rural Britain
  • Bazouges la Pérouse, Petite cité de caractère
  • Bonnefontaine Park
  • Goué Castle
  • Combourg Castle