Rendez-vous in Evian Resort

  • four-star Hôtel Ermitage

    © Evian Resort/droits réservés

    four-star Hôtel Ermitage

    © Evian Resort/droits réservés

  • Treatment at the Thermes Evian

    © Evian Resort/droits réservés

    Treatment at the Thermes Evian

    © Evian Resort/droits réservés

Rendez-vous in Evian Resort 74500 Evian-les-Bains fr

Serenity on the banks of lake Geneva

Evian-les-Bains is a water city nestled between the lake and the mountains, and the ideal place for a revitalising stay. The Thermes Evian® are part of the Evian Resort on the banks of Lake Geneva, just like the four-star Hôtel Ermitage which will welcome you in a cosy and sophisticated environment. An exceptional location for relaxing and recharging.


Thalasso & Spa

  • Special wellness benefits

At Thermes Evian®, water, known for being a vital element and "source of life", is at the heart of a programme resolutely focused on health. The principle in many ways is going ‘back to the source’! Spread across three hubs – Aqua, Wellness and Fitness –Thermes Evian® takes on a coaching role and offers a programme which tones, regenerates and relaxes, suited to your individual needs. The aim is to learn how to listen to your body and look after it, regularly exerting yourself physically, but also regenerating the cells which have weakened over time, without forgetting to relax and let go.

  • Facilities

Wellness Zone (dry treatments) 380 m² in area, containing 8 treatment cubicles, including one for two people. Aqua Zone 710 m² in area, where all treatments are administered with Evian natural mineral water. Ipulse, Iyashi dome, 1 women’s Turkish bath, 1 men’s Turkish bath, 1 sauna, 2 relaxation rooms, 1 cardio-vascular room, 1 personalised coaching room, 1 leisure pool, 1 thermal pool, 2 Evian natural mineral water fountains, reception area, designer linen. Bathrobe, bath towel, sarong and slippers provided free of charge.

  • Special programmes

Young mums, slimming, beauty, sports for beginners, sports for experts, golfers’special, relaxation, burn-out, future mums.


4**** Accomodation

  • Rooms

- 80 rooms and suites

  • Restaurants

- "La Table": Simple, authentic and sophisticated cuisine, LaTable is a natural example of putting the product first, with all its flavours and aromas.
- "La Bibliothèque": A meeting of dishes and words, La Bibliothèque offers healthy cuisine which subtly combines local products and organic products selected for their taste and quality, according to the seasons.

  • Activities service included

Sports, cultural and leisure activities. Golf and fitness centre. Kids’ Resort: 1,800 m² area just for children, in the Hôtel Ermitage gardens.



  • Air: Nearest aiport: Geneva, 45 km away
  • Train: Paris - Geneva: 3hs via TGV


Evian Resort
BP 8
74500 Evian les Bains

Tel: +33 (0)4 50 26 96 95

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