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    Citadelle de Mont-Louis

    A key element of the Treaty of the Pyrenees.

    Through the Treaty of the Pyrenees, France gained 33 villages in Cerdanya. Louis 16th was anxious to ensure the security of the area, and therefore gave Vauban the responsibility of establishing a citadel. The site's location was a strategic point in the triangular zone and made bringing in supplies and equipment easier.

    Soldiers, enlisted as construction workers, made it possible to finish the work just 29 months after Vauban first came to the site.

    Besides being quite representative of the ingenious defence structures designed by Vauban, the Mont-Louis citadel gives visitors the chance to discover the first oven that used solar energy.

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    For more information, please contact the Mont-Louis Office of Tourism at +33 (0)4 68 04 21 97

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