Rendez-vous at the Chipotte

  • La Chipotte

    La Chipotte

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    From 26th August 1914, a desperate struggle took place in the Chipotte mountains in order to regain a favourable position after the fierce fighting that marred the offensive in Alsace and the failure of the battles in Lorraine. The Battle of the Frontiers came to an end on 12th September 1914 with a French victory, but one part of the Vosges region would remain under occupation for four long years. Several monuments to the French troops that fought there have been erected at La Chipotte, now a cemetery. They impose the memory of their regional Vosges identity on this place that witnessed so much sacrifice during the Battle of the Frontiers.


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  • Chipotte - Monument de l'Abbé Collé

    Chipotte - Monument de l'Abbé Collé

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