Rendez-vous at the Castle and ramparts of Carcassonne

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    An exceptional, fortified site.

    Carcassonne (Languedoc-Roussillon) was settled as early as the 6th century BC and later became an important Roman town. It was fortified in the 4th century and was a strategic site in the Middle Ages. It took on its definitive shape in the 13th century with the king’s decision to construct the distinctive double-walled ramparts and extend the castle. The city was restored by Viollet-le-Duc in the 19th century and is a testimony to 1,000 years of military architecture and 2,600 years of history.

    See a 12-minute film combining 3-D images and close-up footage; walk along the galleries, the fortified walls and the north ramparts; discover the museum of masonry and many other attractions.

    The City is designated world heritage site by UNESCO.


    • Unaccompanied tour with guide booklet of castle courtyard, stone museum, ramparts, wide screen, projection:

    French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Chinesse, Russian
    Tactile booklet
    Duration: 1hr

    • Audio-guide tour:

    French, English, German, Italian, Spanish
    Reservations: from 1 weeks to 1 month
    Duration: from 1hr 30 min to 2 hrs
    ° Promenade tour of the ramparts:
    French, English, Spanish, Japanese
    Reservations: 2 weeks
    Duration: 45 min

    • Lecture tour:

    French, English, German, Spanish
    Reservations: 2 weeks
    Duration: from 1hr 30 min to 2 hrs

    • Prestigious visit outside standard opening hours

    Reservation required


    On the Toulouse/Perpignan/Montpellier motorway, 50 km west of Narbonne
    From Perpignan, Narbonne, Montpellier or Toulouse: A61 exit Carcassonne Centre follow “la cité”


    Château et remparts de la cité de Carcassonne
    1, rue Viollet-le-Duc
    11000 Carcassonne

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