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    Arena of Nîmes

    Violence and beauty in the Antique arenas.

    The Nîmes amphitheatre, built in the late 1st century BC, boasts the same oval shape as Rome's Coliseum. The 21m tall facade consists of two levels, with two rings of 60 arches stacked on top of one another, along with an attic.

    During the Antiquity, the edifice could accommodate 23 000 people along the terraces, a mob thirsting for sport, hunts, animal fights or gladiator combats. Today, the Arènes de Nîmes are traditionally venues for bullfights and ferias, but also numerous concerts by internationally-renowned musicians such as Björk who performed there in 2007.

    Additional informations

    Information hotline:0 891 701 401 (0,225€/mn)
    Nîmes train station is 30 minutes from Orange, and 15min from the Pont du Gard
    The rates quoted cover access to a tour of the arenas with audioguide

    Schedules and prices

    Admission prices :
        Full price : 8.5 €
        Reduced price : 6.5 €
        Children up to 6 years : Free

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