Feel Paris: food, culture, art and shopping


Paris: France’s capital and infamous worldwide as a city of love, art and gastronomy, it offers locals and visitors a wide variety of things to do, sights to see and tours to take no matter what the season.


Explore the city’s history from district to district, and let the architecture be your guide; stroll the boulevards from Haussman down to the banks of the Seine. Visit the ultra-modern Louis Vuitton Foundation, or the Louvre Museum’s Renaissance wing, why not the Grand Palais? Paris’s buildings have tales to tell those keen to listen.


Discover the city’s museums rich with important and influential artists, both historic and modern, its emblematic monuments and its vibrant cultural scene. From Monet’s masterpieces to African art, via urban art, from music to delight any listener’s ears or dance to beguile you, Paris has something for everyone whether on a weekend city break, or week-long trip.


Shop the home of Haute Couture on the Champs-Elysées or Rue St Honoré, visit little designer boutiques for new designer trends, or head to the infamous department stores like Galeries Lafayette to find it all under one roof. On a tight budget? Paris’s sales run in January and June, you could also try an out of town outlet centre, or head to the flea markets to pick up original and quirky pieces.


Eat in a city whose gastronomy is recognised the world over, but more importantly cherished by its own inhabitants. Tuck into croissants at the local boulangerie, try cheeses and charcuterie from the market at Les Halles, taste the plat du jour at a cosy bistro, or marvel at a Michelin starred menu, you’re sure to find passionate Parisians to share their top foodie finds.


Dance to your heart’s content as the city of light’s night comes to life. Slow dine like the French and while away hours at the dining table – after all arriving at a club at 2 a.m. is fashionably late - or grab an apéro-dinatoire to maximise your dancing time.


Whatever your style, whatever your budget, whenever you travel, Paris is sure to please.

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  • © Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, Paris - ©IakovKalinin

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