Perching Hall Hotel*****

  • Pershing Hall Patio night

    Pershing Hall Patio night

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  • Pershing Hall Patio day

    Pershing Hall Patio day

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  • Pershing Hall Deluxe room

    Pershing Hall Deluxe room

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  • Pershing Hall Lounge Bar

    Pershing Hall Lounge Bar

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Perching Hall Hotel***** 49, Rue Pierre Charron 75008 Paris fr

The pershinghall is situated at the heart of the golden triangle between the Champs Elysées, Avenue Montaigne and Avenue George V (Paris, Ile-de-France).

This townhouse is still one of the most beautiful examples of Empire architecture from that period. Its facade, its large staircase, iand its elegant lines, have helped the building to preserve the beauty and harmony of that period. When American troops were engaged in 1917, General John Pershing made it his general quarters before the building became the officers’ club of the American Legion in 1918.

Over the years, the pershinghall has undergone several changes. For its renovation in 2001, Andrée Putman redesigned the spaces with the grace for which she is known.

Behind a discreet facade, the various parts of the hotel radiate out from a patio that is open to the sky and contains a superb vertical garden that reaches up more than 30 metres. This remarkable creation is the work of Patrick Blanc, the famous botanist,. Recently, Hervé Versmersh recently created a light well in homage to James Turrell in the covered part of the restaurant.

A layout plan on the walls consisting of mirrors and crushed velvet is delimited by amber light, giving the effect of drops of gold. This new feature helps to create harmony between the covered and open spaces. At the end of 2011 it was Olivia Putman's turn to add a touch of elegance with the Orgue de Lalique chandelier in theentrance stairway.

The pershinghall is more than a hotel, it is a place of encounters, meetings and events, simultaneously public and private.

The quiet and reserved atmosphere of the morning changes throughout the day to become glamorous and trendy at dinner and in the evening.

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Subway: Franklin Roosvelt ou George V


Pershing Hall
49, Rue Pierre Charron
75008 Paris

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