Blue Margouillat Seaview Hotel****

  • Hotel facade

    Hotel facade

    © Laurent De Gebarht

  • Beautiful pool

    Beautiful pool

    © Laurent De Gebarht

  • Ocean view

    Ocean view

    © Laurent De Gebarht

  • Restaurant, facing the ocean

    Restaurant, facing the ocean

    © Laurent De Gebarht

  • Créole Suite

    Créole Suite

    © Laurent De Gebarht

  • Romantic dinner

    Romantic dinner

    © Laurent De Gebarht

Blue Margouillat Seaview Hotel**** 6 impasse Jean Albany 97436 SAINT LEU re

Invitation to the Voyage

The Blue Margouillat Hotel is a unique resort that will enchant you with its welcoming, and charming creole style. A few seconds spent in this grand house will remind you of Baudelaire's words: "There all is order, naught amiss: Comfort and beauty, calm and bliss". As you walk across the magnificent Corps de logis, the subtle and sweet fragrance of colonial-style furniture, made of beautiful exotic woods, fills the room.

Enjoy a peaceful stroll around the veranda overlooking the Indian Ocean. The enchanting and exquisite scent of frangipani flowers, carried by the mild trade winds flowing through the garden, wafts through the air. Meanwhile, the hotel's clear blue swimming pool, and blooming hisbiscus and alamanda flowers, offer a colourful and delightful scenery. Blue skies, blue sea, Blue Margouillat.


The Blue Margouillat Hotel is a 4-star hotel , "hôtel de charme" as it is called in France, or a "boutique" hotel in North America. This haven of peace, is situated in Saint-Leu, on the West coast of Reunion Island. Calm and tranquil, the only sounds you might hear would be the singing of birds, and the gentle breeze as it refreshingly fills your room. 

If you drive from the North of the island, take the coastal road from Saint-Paul and continue South. Discover the beautiful beaches where you can enjoy your next sunbath. Alternatively, you can take the new and spectacular Tamarins road, and enjoy the amazing beauty and allure of the Highlands of Reunion Island (take the Saint-Leu Colimaçons exit, drive down the road and across the city centre. Then, turn left just after the gendarmerie).

If you are driving from the South of the island, continue from Etang Salé along the coast. This section of the coastal road offers breathtaking, and wild scenery. Alternatively, continue your journey along the new section of the 4-lane road that slowly leads you to the Highlands of Reunion Island (take the Saint-Leu Stella exit, head down in the direction of the sea, turn right and after the place name sign, turn right again).

There, behind the gendarmerie (police station), is a residential area overlooking the sea. A road sign will lead you to the hotel located less than five hundred metres away from the lagoon.


Blue Margouillat Seaview Hôtel****
Impasse Jean Albany
97436 Saint-Leu
Ile de la Réunion

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